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Teaching Philosophy

Ortega’s teaching philosophy was developed over 12 years working with nationally acclaimed instructor and mentor, Mike McGetrick. “My teaching philosophy has been largely influenced from PGA National Teacher of the Year and Golf Digest #7 Teacher, Mike McGetrick.  Over the years, I learned so much from Mike about the golf swing, how best to communicate with students, and how to tailor my instruction to meet the needs of each individual golfer.  I’m proud to have helped Mike build the McGetrick Golf Academy into a nationally recognized golf school. As the former Director of Instruction at the McGetrick Golf Academy, Ortega believes that, “everyone has an individual golf swing and a unique approach to the game.  There is no “ideal swing” to fit every golfer.  While good teachers have a swing model to work from, the best teachers have learned to adapt their model to find the most efficient way for a student to swing the golf club. “ I take what a student is presently doing, and improve upon it while keeping the changes within the capabilities of the student.” 

Ortega says, “to have control of the golf ball, you must have control of your body and the golf club at impact.” Everything in the golf swing relates to impact and to develop a consistent ball flight pattern you must properly arrange your body and golf club at impact.  The factors that influence the ball flight pattern are:


Club face position at impact
The path the club is swinging at impact
The angle the club is approaching the ball at impact
The contact point on the club face at impact
The speed the club is swinging at impact

I improve a student’s ball flight pattern by evaluating the three main elements that make up a golf swing:  1) how the golfer sets up to the ball at address, 2) how the golfer’s body moves throughout the swing, and 3) how the hands, arms and golf club swing throughout the swing.  I help my students learn to properly blend their body motion with the swinging of their hands and arms to hit the ball with speed and accuracy.





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