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Learning to hit the ball solidly can be a difficult task in itself without the complications of ill-fit clubs.  Golf club evaluation is an important part of every student’s game improvement program at Lana Ortega Golf.  Lana says, “ I don’t believe a teacher can be as effective as he or she can be without addressing the fit of their students’ golf clubs.  I believe the teachers who have tools on their lesson tee to address equipment issues have a tremendous advantage over those who don’t – and it’s the student who reaps the benefits.”

Why is an equipment evaluation an important part of our instruction?

The equipment you use affects the ball flight.  Because equipment affects ball fight it also affects a golfer’s motion.  If your clubs are ill-fit, you’ll build compensations into your swing to get the desired results.  For example…if the components of your clubs influence the ball flight right of target (ie. lie angle too flat, shaft too stiff, etc.), even when the face is square at impact, you will develop a compensation to get the ball to go more left.  

You’ll understand how the components of your clubs – the grip size, shaft flex, length, loft and lie angle - affect your motion, and the distance, direction and trajectory of your shots.

Just as important is the right set composition.  We’ll help you determine just the right combination of woods, irons, hybrids and wedges that compliment your style of play.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced golfer, having golf clubs and balls that fit your individual attributes and abilities is instrumental in playing your best. My staff and I can give you a prefect fit utilizing today's most advanced fitting technologies including the Distance Caddy, launch monitor; video/computer analysis, and laser putting system.

Hourly: $120

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